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Star Projector


Ages 8+

Requires 4 AA batteries
(Batteries not included)


● Optical quality lens system ● Adjustable focus

● Adjustable projection angle ● 30 minute auto shut off function

● Optimum projection distance: 1.5 - 2.0 meter

● Projector ● Two interchangeable discs with the fixed star of

northern hemisphere ● Space Map ● Instruction Manual

CyberSky CD Rom Program


CyberSky is an entertaining,

and educational astronomy program

that transforms your personal computer

into your personal planetarium.


CyberSky provides an excellent way to

learn about astronomy and to explore

the wonders of the sky visible in the

distant past, the present, and the far off

future. It displays accurate charts of the

sky as seen from any location on the



Sky charts can include stars,

constellations, deep sky objects, and

solar system objects, and can be

enhanced by the addition of labels,

coordinate system grids, and reference